The Health Policy Group, L.L.C., founded to provide clients with unparalleled health care expertise, offers comprehensive policy and analytic capability matched with experience gained from actually managing the Medicare and Medicaid programs at the highest levels.

The Health Policy Group systematically evaluates the impacts of government decisions on the health care sector, and recommends not only solutions but also strategies to achieve them.  HPG specializes in strategic public policy planning and consultative services for companies and organizations affected by structural and financial reforms to Medicare, Medicaid, and other public health programs.  We also work extensively with groups seeking to act on opportunities created by the initiatives and decisions of government at the Federal and State levels.

Our professionals work in combination with Core Project Teams comprised of elite groups of economists, lawyers, and former government decision makers.  While others offer representation, few can match the experienced judgment, specific technical expertise, and single purpose dedication to client issue resolution brought to bear by The Health Policy Group.